Training of medical representatives


Our success is what it is thanks to a close cooperation with the manufacturer laboratories.

We are in charge of the pharmaceutical registration of these products in every country where we distribute them.  This includes the registration of new products and the follow-up of the whole registering files in Africa.

We are the exclusive distributor of these products in CFA area.

A network of medical representatives works in Africa.

As such, we take part in the training of one hundred medical représentatives. Our Export Manager is in charge of the control of the training of the medical representatives.

Each new medical representative follows a training and standardization program.

We grant aid to different annual learning programs. The topics are different according to the launch of new products, or an identified need for scientific information. These trainings allow the medical representative to answer the prescribers’ questions, and give them a perfect explanation of our products.

For example, they will be studying :

  • Merchandising Method in Pharmacy,
  • Computer and Communication’s tools.
  • A third training about one of our products will be hold.

By the end of November, every medical representatives, the manufacturer laboratory, and ourselves, meet each other during our annual seminary, in order to share our experiences, and decide strategies for next years.